Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy a Medical Breakthrough for Natural Healing

Prevent Surgery

Minimize Joint, Hip and Back Pain

Rebuild Cartilage & Torn Ligaments

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are original cells that are able to develop any other type of cell in the body. Because they can become any type of cell-like muscle, bone, or ligament cells they are able to start healing injured tissues. The body can rebuild utilizing stem cell therapy as it delivers a high concentration of stem cells to the weak or injured body area to promote healing.

Is Stem Cell Treatment is Gentle on the Body?

Compared to other pain relief procedures stem cell treatment is more gentle on the body. It is noninvasive and the process is simple for the patient. Cells are collected from one of two places, either fat tissue or bone marrow. These cells are then injected into the affected area painlessly.

What is the recovery time for Stem Cell Therapy?

The recovery time is short, most patients are back in their normal active routines within a week of treatment. Compared to recovery time after surgery, this is a sought-after alternative, natural pain relief option for many patients. There is very little pain during recovery as well.

Who Qualifies for Stem Cell Therapy?

Most patients are able to participate in stem cell therapy and it is a good option for their pain relief. Evaluation is important by our Doctors to determine if you qualify. Certain ailments and infections may prevent you from qualifying, a visit with our trained Stem Cell Therapy Doctors will help determine however.

How Do I know if Stem Cell Therapy is Right for Me?

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Stem Cell Therapy Stem Cell Therapy a Medical Breakthrough