Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions we get asked

How long does a check up take?

A check up roughly takes about 1 hour and a half. Within this time, we perform a medical evaluation including diagnostic testing and a test-dose of medication to confirm effectiveness.

Can I take medication before visiting?

Do not take any erectile dysfunction medication for at least 24 hours before your appointment.

What documents should I prepare?

Please bring a valid I.D. and a list of medications or medical history that we should take note of.

We also recommend bringing your partner, but only if you are comfortable with it. Your partner may also be able to provide our medical team with additional insight that can help us treat your condition more effectively.

How can I be assured my treatment is kept confidential?

Patient privacy is our top concern – aside from patient condition of course! We make it a point to protect your information and be as discreet as possible when it comes to your treatment and condition. We handle most of the tests in-house and use up-to-date technology that ensures the protection of your medical records. If you have further questions regarding your privacy, don't hesitate to contact us!

Does having E.D. mean I have a chronic disease?

No, it could just be a simple problem with blood flow, stress, anxiety, and some medications can trigger it, too. To be safe, it's best to book an appointment and find out what the real cause is.

Is it a normal part of aging?

No. While statistics show that it is more prevalent in older men, they should still be able to get an erection naturally.