Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) (Hair Loss Treatment)

Ever thought of growing more hair, regenerating hair, thickening hair?

A new treatment utilizing your body's own blood may not only foster hair growth, but thicken your existing hair follicles. Giving hope to millions of people with thinning hair!

No surgery, drugs or expensive treatments are needed for this research proven therapy. PRP relies on the patient's own platelets. The patient's own blood is put into a machine and the plasma is separated then injected directly into the patient's scalp. Growth factors are found within the platelets and hair growth is stimulated, as well as thickening of the hair follicles.


PRP Hair Restoration®
  • * $1,900 for Two treatments *scheduled 8 weeks apart)
  • * $2,550 for Three treatments (repeat at three months)
  • * Procedure time: 90 minutes
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