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Dedicated to providing men with safe, affordable and effective men's health solutions

The doctors at Tennessee Men's Health have been serving East Tennessee for over a decade!

Discreet, Private Consultations and Treatment

At Tennessee Men's Health (TMH) your privacy is our priority. 

Confidential Consultation

Schedule an Appointment Now - Our doctors will solve your sexual health issues beyond what your family practitioner will offer. 

Serving East Tennessee for Over a Decade

The Tennessee Men's Health Clinic in Knoxville was established with the vision to provide utmost discretion, relaxation and treatment that man and their partners should be given.

Discovering any personal health issue can add stress on one’s personal life – especially if it has anything to do with sexual health. An individual finding himself suffering from a sensitive condition such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation may experience his personal life and relationships getting affected because of it.

At Tennessee Men’s Health, we understand the various ways these health conditions can have an impact on your self-esteem, health, romantic life, and other aspects. It is our goal to use up to date technology and treatments, paired with utmost discretion for possibly helping you with ED issues.

Schedule a Confidential Phone Call

Have a New Patient Advocate call you now - Our New Patient Advocates are knowledgable in our treatments and have extensive experience speaking with men about their health issues.  The phone call is free, and your privacy is our priority.  

An Advocate for YOU!

Tennessee Men's Health is dedicated to helping men get the treatment they need to have an active, rewarding life.  Discussing men's sex issues is difficult.  That is why we have hired some of the most knowledge and experienced people to answer your call.  

If you are feeling self-conscience, don't!  Every man at some point in their life will deal with the same problems you are.  It's just that most men suffer in silence.  There is no reason not to step up and get the help you deserve.  Tennessee Men's Health, we are men's health!

Conveniently Located Off I-40 in Knoxville, Tennesee!

1328 Papermill Pointe Way, Knoxville, Tennesse 37909
Office Phone Number:    (865) 588-0344
New Patient Coordinator:  (865) 229-8065             

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