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Are you ready to have a spontaneous sex life again?

Even if Pills Have Let You Down!

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Our doctors will solve your sexual health issues beyond what your family doctor will offer. 

Tennessee Men's Health: A Better Choice Than Your Family Doctor

Our team of medical professionals and board-certified physicians are educated in the latest non-surgical treatments for men's sexual health.  

ED pills like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra do not work for every man. Unfortunately, that is the only solution most family care doctors provide their patients.  Men's health is too complex for a pill.  TMH provides an affordable, effective, and safe solution.

Schedule a Confidential Consultation

Our doctors will solve your sexual health issues beyond what your family doctor will offer. 

A Comprehensive Men's Health Solution

  1. Powerful Erection Medication - Tennessee Men's Health's (TMH) ED solution is the most effective, noninvasive treatment for ED. It provides an erection within minutes after administration, last 30 minutes to an hour (depending on dose) and has no side effects beyond the blood vessels of the penis (i.e. blood pressure, mood, migraines, etc.). Stop worrying if a pill is going to work and dealing with the laundry list of side effects. The fast-acting medication allows for you to be spontaneous and perform every time!  
  2. PRP Male Enhancement - The benefits of PRP therapy have been well established by numerous clinical-studies and accepted by the medical community. Tennessee Men's Health (TMH) has been providing men with safe, affordable and effective PRP therapy for years. If you really want to add length and girth to your penis size, schedule an appointment or request more information and a TMH New Patient Advocate will contact you.
  3. Hormone Replacement Therapy - Low testosterone, or 'Low T', can lead to many signs and symptoms often associated with age. That is because after the age of 30, men's production of testosterone begins to decline. Without medical intervention signs and symptoms of Low T include: low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, loss of muscle, weight gain, and much more. The specialists at Tennessee Men's Health can diagnose, treat, and effectively manage testosterone levels, making sure you feel and look your best!
  4. Medical Weight Loss - Tennessee Men's Health Weight Loss program was developed by board-certified physicians specifically for men who have uncontrolled food cravings and have been unable to lose weight with other programs. Our patients lose an average of 15 pound the first month. Being overweight is a medical condition that can have serious health implications. Our doctors treat being overweight as a medical condition.
  5. Chronic Joint Pain Relief - Tennessee Men's Health (TMH) provides men with the latest, most effective, non-surgical treatments. In keeping with that goal, TMH recently began offering a Regenerative Medicine treatment known as Amniotic Allograft Therapy. Joint degeneration is the most common cause of chronic pain, and the standard treatments only reduce symptoms. Amniotic Allograft Therapy creates new cartilage while also reducing inflammation and pain. The loss of cartilage outpacing the body's ability to restore it is the cause of chronic joint pain.

Tennessee Men's Health: Treatments and Solutions

Results in Minutes, Not Hours & Lasts Long Enough

Tennessee Men's Health's ED solution that will provide an erection within minutes after administration, will last for 30+ minutes, and has no side effects beyond the blood vessels of the penis.

Proven Treatment to Increase Penis Size

Platelet-rich plasma therapy has proven benefits and docuemented success. Use your body's own ability to create new cell growth to restore the blood vessels and nerves of the penis.

Doctor-Supervised Testosterone Treatment

Balanced, healthy levels of testosterone is crucial not only to your sex life, but your overall wellbeing. After age 30 all men begin to decline in testosterone production. 

Lose 20 lbs in the First Month!

Tennessee Men's Health has a team of medical professionals that have extensive experience treating being overweight. Using FDA-approved medication to manage food cravings, vitamin injections, and one-on-one counseling

Schedule a Confidential Consultation

Our doctors will solve your sexual health issues beyond what your family doctor will offer. 

Regenerative Medicine:
Amniotic Allograft Therapy?

Confidential Consultation

Schedule an Appointment Now - Amniotic Allograft Therapy is a real non-surgical alternative to joint replacement.  If you are suffering from chronic joint pain, regardless of the cause, schedule a FREE consultation.

Joint Replacement? Reconsider Surgery

Degeneration of joints, notably knees and hips, is the most common sources of chronic pain. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are often used to treat painful joint degeneration. These drugs do not reverse or stop the degeneration, but rather relieve the symptoms. 

Tennessee Men's Health is now providing their patients Amniotic Allograft Therapy to treat chronic joint pain.  This therapy focuses on the source of the problem with joint degeneration by using regenerative medicine to create new cartilage.

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